Studi Dentistici e Odontoiatrici Firenze

Office @Florence

Since August 22, 2011 we are in our new office at Viale Gramsci 73. The office space is nearly quadrupled enabling us to satisfy the ever increasing requests. We have all new equipment and offer new services. Please note the new phone number. 

Il mio stato

  • Mon-Wed-Thu-Fri [9-13 14-18]

  • Viale A. Gramsci 73 - Firenze

  • gfstudiofi

Studio di Monsummano Terme

The most modern digital technology equipment in a spacious office to put each patient at ease. Free parking only 20 m away from the office, easy access for disabled patients. Multimedia room for giving courses to colleages and training the staff of the office.

Il mio stato

  • Tue-Thu [10-18]

  • Via Mazzini 45 - Monsummano Terme (PT)

  • gfstudioms